Monday, September 27, 2010

SWsoft Virtuozzo: maverick chaser

Four years ago, SWsoft, VMware and Connectix 3 in PC and PC Server platform of virtual machine technology can be said to be separate categories. After the two were with the EMS and the Microsoft acquisition, has also maintained an independent portal Swsoft looks fairly maverick. And it is heavy head in 2005, also introduced a unique Virtuozzo.

Virtuozzo's technology works by a single physical server to create multiple isolated Virtual Private Server (Virtual Private Server, VPS). The VPS share the system hardware, software licenses and management resources. In terms of its users and applications, each VPS platform operation and management of a separate host with exactly the same, because each VPS can be independently reset, and have their own Root access, users, IP addresses, memory , processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.

Virtuozzo vs Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 and Xen, the advantages of its host operating system is no doubt lower requirement can support Linux Windows family and family, however, compared with Vmware, it is catch-up role. Virtuozzo to achieve the realization of the principle and function with the Sun Solaris Container is very similar to that in a Host OS on the division of a number of VPS (Sun called the Zone), in each VPS can run separate applications.

However commendable Virtuozzo management interface is simple, it's management console (VZMC) and Virtual Server 2005, as can be concentrated on the centralized management of all virtual objects. In VZMC, you can start, stop, restart all of the virtual server, and upload the local file (the specified target path), browse the disk, mount the hardware node folder, cancellation performance monitoring, management services and users to detect the event log through Remote Desktop to connect.

Since Virtuozzo is the main push of the client base of large enterprises and IDC operators, so SWsoft provides the template creation wizard, the wizard to create an application template provides two defined methods. The first method is called from the manual selection of data that requires you to define each individual within the template files and registry entries. This is indeed very powerful, but too complex and difficult to complete the work of ordinary users, it requires users to know exactly how the applications work.

The second method is called from the application selection data, which is a very simple way: Virtuozzo creates a temporary VPS, install the applications you need, then a different operation to infer what changes have taken place within the environment, and these Change write custom template, the last temporary VPS will be deleted. In this process, the user need to use command-line tool to manually add the new template to the hardware node, then it will appear in plate library, you can deploy it in any VPS.

Like with VMware and Microsoft, Swsoft also provides virtual machines from physical server to (P2V) migration tools to accelerate the migration operation, easing driver conflicts. In the Virtuozzo Windows 3.5.1 version, SWsoft introduced called VZP2V physical to virtual migration tools. Before migrating to virtual infrastructures, and other virtual machine, like, Virtuozzo need to install physical server migration assistant agent, but VZP2V allowed to know the administrator account and password in the conduct of the remote installation. To ensure maximum security, the whole operation will be completed through the SSH channel. In the standard 10/100MB LAN transfer a 4GB hard drive (no RAID configuration) of Windows Server 2003 server will take about 50 minutes.

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