Monday, October 18, 2010

SCO Unix copyrights 6 years to reverse the verdict entered a new phase of World War II

August 26 news continued fighting with Linux for six years after, SCO Unix copyright company recently won a key battle for battle.

Although a federal judge said before, Novell in its Unix business before the sale to Santa Cruz, has successfully acquired Unix copyright. In this latter department Unix SCO after being acquired. But once again began to look at a few days ago before the court ruling. It is reported that prior to submitting a purchase contract Unix assets played an important role to reverse the verdict, but the court's continues to believe that SCO owes Novell royalties.

Dahl, CEO of the SCO, said the decision is very pleased, "Although today is not the end of this long-running battle, but we get the final victory in the process, the importance of today's battle.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children's Books list: Foreign Books victory, was embarrassing domestic children's books

The largest book market in 2006 list "'to study life-changing' Dangdang of the most influential annual book named" astonishing debut. The high gold content - all public voted to win the support of nearly a million readers in the domestic book market, which was a very unique beautiful scenery, and a textbook of many book lovers vane. Among them, the children's books readers reading list reflects the trends and tastes change, there is a great reference value to the market, known as the country's largest and most authoritative list.

The birthplace of the modern picture book from the British "smart bean picture book series" is known as the "picture book dream team" of British author Julia Donaldson and Germany 鈥?illustrator Axel Scheffler 鈥?joint creation, which won the 2006 Dangdang of the most influential class of the annual Children's Book Award Individual Award winner. Since the publication of a picture book in the series has won many international book awards, was also achieved great sales success, setting a single-volume sales of 2 million worldwide best-selling success. At present, the "smart bean picture book series," nearly 30 languages, deeply loved by young readers around the world. Many of these outstanding works, "Gruffalo" Gold Award 1999 鏂┈灏旇拏鏂?children's book, "witches broom are sitting" in 2003 the Blue Peter children's book award, "the city's most beautiful giant" 2003 Greenway Award nominations, " Little Conch and large whales, "2004 Greenway Award nominations," Gruffalo small Niuniu "2004 National Book Award for best children's books.

"The window of the small Peas - New Classic Library" and "not the same as Carmela" With their kind of stroke to understand not only attracted children, in the heap is also very popular with adults, "the window of the small Peas" by Japanese famous writer, the famous TV show host, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador - Kuroyanagi Tetsuko written. The book was published, not only in Japan but around the world have caused a tremendous response, Japan's largest-selling history book. This book describes the author's true story of a section of primary school. The "life sure there are things more fun than sleeping! "Size Carmela have been true in faith. Their persistent pursuit of those populations considered unimaginable. Go to sea, pick the stars, to recover all the way to escape the sun ... ... rough everywhere, after a difficult, but always good luck to safety. Final harvest can return more than expected and exotic fruits.

Reader's favorite books for children is a happy thing, but carefully seems as if very few domestic works Ranking book, remember, August 10, 2005 "Global Times," "City Life Sciences "has a bold message" Beijing Children love to watch foreign books. " In fact, not only children in Beijing, almost the entire range of children in China are like foreign reading. According to the survey, more than 80% in China, children's bestsellers are imported from abroad. Situation as child writer pointed out: "blind reading of foreign cultural works will be detrimental to the children grow, the same is like a partial eclipse. Foreign cultures 'invade' the direct consequence of recognition of values."

The reason is not difficult to find, and now most of the domestic children's books with a didactic, with no interesting vivid, of course, can not attract readers, especially children, and but only the market's popular is "Journey to the West", "Ne Zha "" gourd doll "These old stories, the children would have been back, and what innovations at all.

Thousands of years of glorious history and culture that made that literary poet, and we should have a broad and profound this carry forward local culture, to create works with national flavor is the top priority. Dangdang held this selection not only fully cover the range of readers reading reflects the tendency of readers to read and adhere to the changes, but also for readers to select books to purchase and provide a good guide the direction of fully proved Dangdang dominance in the industry can not be shaken.



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